A Generational Jolt of Royal Education

Kevin Walsh


As a seminarian student on Long Island, New York in 1969, I was fortunate enough to have an outstanding senior basketball season in a tough Nassau-Suffolk Catholic League.  The resulting college offers were many - but there was one "large fish in a smaller pond" opportunity from a Jesuit college in northeastern Pennsylvania which bubbled its way to the top.  My very first classroom experience was on the sixth floor of the "Glen Alden Coal Company Building" [O'Hara Hall] at 8 a.m. on September 12, 1969; Introduction to Accounting; Dr. Joseph A. Zandarski presiding. Dr. Bill Parente was the Dean of Students at that time; and our eventual interactions were 'epic'.

This very aforementioned Doctor Zandarski 'cabled' me [before faxes, mind you] in northern France in the spring of 1975 to inform me that the Department of Business Graduate Fellowship was being offered to me with an opportunity to return to the United States and to Scranton.  It was an easy decision; I could play basketball at another time; and I triumphantly moved my family back to The School on the Hill.

Our Walsh Family now has an 'internal cabal' located within --- three of the six of us have served as Scranton Royal/Lady Royal Varsity Basketball Captains.  It is more significant to note that the two younger charges in this group have surpassed their parental elder both academically and professionally.  Doctors Zandarski and Parente can be well proud of inspiring a generational jolt of Royal education.