Professors that made the University great during the 60's.

James Franconeri


From the day I started at Scranton in September, 1961, until my graduation in May 1965, I will always remember the wonderful professors that taught me to be a man.  First was Francis X. Jordan.  Ironically, his English class was my very first class at the U, and I think it was his.  He made learning fun, and he had a wonderful sense of humor.  

Next was Frank Brown, who taught American History.  He made it come alive, especially when he blended in stories about the NYFD.  

I must also mention Father Bernard A. Suppe, SJ.  Over two days in his Philosophy class, he taught us that without a doubt, there was no God, then he came in the next day and taught us that without a doubt there WAS a God.  Only he could pull that off.  

Those three professors, and many others, are what made the U great during the 60's.