I Learned to Have High Expectations of Myself

Elizabeth Brady


My Scranton story is one that involves a professor.  This professor, Dr. Kuhle, was my intro to psych professor first semester freshman year.  His class was by far the most challenging one that I have had since being a student here - it was also the most rewarding.  Thanks to his teaching style and high expectations of his students, I learned to have high expectations for myself.  I learned how to think critically and I learned that the hardest things are the best things.

Dr. Kuhle truly cares about his students and will go out of his way to help them.  When I got a concussion in my Rugby game he even showed a softer side of him where he emailed me to make sure that I was ok.

Dr. Kuhle truly embodies the ideals of the University of Scranton in his motivation and drive to help shape the students.

Elizabeth Brady '14, New Fairfield, CT